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Top 5 Zebra Back to School Must-Haves

Back to school stationery

With the scent of sun lotion on your skin and sand on your toes feeling like a distant memory, the summer holidays are over far too quickly and it’s suddenly time to go back to school.

Being prepared is half the battle and now is the ideal time to update your pencil case contents with new pens and pencils. Whether it’s for practising cursive writing or revising for the all-important exams; we have selected our top 5 items to cover your back to school stationery needs.

1. Z-Grip Smooth pen

For day to day note-taking, speed is of the essence. Our Z-Grip Smooth pen zips across the page with its super smooth low viscosity ink for an effortless writing experience. It has a comfort grip and is available in either classic colours or funkier colours for the more flamboyant student!

2. Z-Grip Erasable Pen

This pen is a lifesaver for students scribbling class notes. Any mistakes can quickly be erased and then written over.

Available in black or blue ink and with a precise 0.7mm point size, the Z-Grip Erasable Pen is a new entry into our 2017 back to school stationery range. Its newly developed gel ink that can be erased away with the conveniently placed rubber tip on the cap of the pen.

Z-Grip Erasable Pen

3. Sarasa Gel Pen

Our Sarasa Clip Gel Pens are available in a fantastic selection of colours- black, blue, red, green, violet, pink and even gold and silver. The different colours can be used to create revision timetables, highlighting different days, times and subjects. The original Sarasa gel pen is  perfect for right and left handers alike, due to the rapid dry ink which dries in less than one second, so no more smudges! The Sarasa Clip variant has waterproof ink, a sprung binder clip and are refillable. Great for adding colour and interest to graphs and diagrams.

4. Super Marble Pen

Back by popular demand is our Super Marble Pen. Acid free and of archival quality, they have an 0.8mm point size. This limited edition is only available for back to school 2017. With three blended colours creating a marble effect, they’re great fun and can be used for a variety of tasks; from doodling to experimenting with homework or just for fun- let your imagination run wild!

Super Marble pen

5. School Selection Pack

Having a hard time making a decision? Our School Selection Pack is the answer. This fantastic pack contains all your school essentials including two black Z-Grip smooth ballpoint pens, two low viscosity ink Ola ballpoint pens (in black and blue), our bestselling Z-Grip mechanical pencil and a yellow Arbez highlighter.

Despite technology playing a large part in today’s schools, writing skills remain an essential part of school life. Having the right stationery could not be more important. Students are still required to take notes in lessons and provide handwritten homework in most of their subjects. They also use pen and paper to work through their thought processes, including mind mapping, written tests and old fashioned workbooks.

As leading UK pen manufacturers we want to provide easy to use and comfortable writing equipment, which can improve neatness and clarity of students’ writing. It can make writing a more pleasurable experience, even for the more reluctant students.

The colour of stationery also plays a really important role in note taking and revision. With tests and exams happening throughout the school year, colour can inject life and vibrancy into schoolwork. But more significantly it is helpful to use colour coding for key themes as it assists the brain in retaining information more efficiently. Colour-coded revision means important facts are more effectively processed and remembered.

Back to school preparations couldn’t be simpler. From geography to maths, doodles to revision, we have got your back to school stationery covered.

National Stationery Week 24th April-30th April

J K Rowling wrote her Harry Potter series down on paper first, Quentin Tarantino favours a notebook and a fresh set of black and red felt-tips when plotting out his screenplays, and Steven King believes his fountain pen to be ‘the world’s finest word processor’.

Zebra Pens on displayThe modern world may appear to be marching towards an era where pen and paper are obsolete, but it will never happen. Who doesn’t get a thrill from cracking open a fresh notebook? Or selecting a new pen in just the right colour?

According to the survey commissioned by National Stationery Week and conducted by YouGov, 94% of adults think that writing by hand is important and 97% think it is important for children to be taught to write.

Whether you are scribbling fleeting ‘to do’ lists or crafting artwork to cherish forever, we all share the basic human need to commit our thoughts and feelings down on a physical surface. And that’s what stationery week is all about.

National Stationery week celebrates all elements of our relationship with these tools we use to motivate, organise and express ourselves. Take a look at the website for plenty of ideas to join in and get the whole family involved.

For instance, their ‘7 days of stationery’ campaign includes challenges to write a letter a day and take time out to write some heartfelt thank you cards. Join in on Twitter with the relevant hashtags.

Zebra at the London Stationery Show

Stationery week coincides with the London Stationery Show, to be held 25-26 April at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH. We’ll be there again this year, rubbing shoulders with fellow pen manufacturers and fine stationery purveyors.

Stand at London Stationery ShowVisit us at stand M601. We’d love to share our three distinct ranges that we launched last year with you. We have been working hard on developing each sector with products that target each distinct set of requirements:

  • Classic; an established set of writing instruments designed to meet everyday functional use. Cost effective yet high quality and dependable, this selection includes our Z-grip pens; retractable ballpoints with comfort grips. Our smooth and flight options contain low viscosity super smooth ink to glide across the page.
  • Funky; our unique range of pens and pencils with bags of personality. We’re adding some striking new arts and crafts products to our funky range that you’ll be able to preview at the show.
  • Signature; our collection of high end writing instruments for the best possible writing experience and a satisfyingly high quality finish. In this range, we will demonstrate our Delguard mechanical pencil, which features snap free lead and classy clear tip, so you can see the mechanism in all its glory. It also has an eraser in the retractor button and is available In 3 barrel colours. There will also be a special promotion including a range of new colours available in our signature Sarasa gel ink range.

This year we are  hoping to get a feel for what people want to get out of the arts and crafts industry so we will be bringing along a selection of beautiful calligraphy and brush pens from Japan for people to try out.

Come along and tell us what you think. We hope to see you there!

The Art of Love Letter Writing

February is the peak time of the year for letter writing, but not just any letters of course – love letters. This month we’re focusing on the history and art of writing a love letter! We’re talking about those wonderful Valentine’s Day missives written from the aching heart. Impress, woo and entertain someone you love this year by writing a Valentine’s love letter.

A history of love letters

Love letters are an ancient art that can be traced as far back as Imperial China and the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Ancient Rome did not have a specific day to celebrate romance and send letters to one another, but the act of writing love letters was very common. Unlike the flowery language of the 19th century, ancient Roman love letters were all about expressing the unbearable pains of the heart.

These more brutal observations of love were usually written by men to their female (and sometimes already married) sweethearts. Many marriages in ancient Roman culture were for political or social arrangements rather than for love. Maybe for this reason, the men wrote not of happy times together, but of deep emotional suffering. If you were to write a Valentine’s Day love letter in the style of ancient Rome you may want to describe your love interest as a ‘plague’ that ‘sets your bone marrow on fire’.

The ancient Egyptians had an approach to love letter writing more similar to what we have today. Burial tombs would often have deeply moving inscriptions like:

“When Princess Torenhotep met you, I tasted wine for the first time

Like an infant, breathing air for the first time

When I lost you, I fasted for life.”

a brown envelope with a wax seal

Envelope with a wax seal

The Victorian era was when the love letter became more popular and sophisticated. As well as having to include copious similes and decorated language, it was also all about sending the right signal with letter etiquette and code. The positioning of a stamp on the envelope of a love letter was as important as it’s contents. Although a writer may pour their heart out onto scented paper, a vertical arrangement of stamps was equal to a firm ‘goodbye’!

As Victorian love letters were the most expressive, it lead to the tradition of ‘returning letters’. Ex-lovers demanded a return of their love letters so that they couldn’t be used for means of blackmail or embarrassment. One such letter discovered by historians from the 1800’s read:

“Love is not a vegetable that it must grow nor is it a thing of logic that it must depend upon sequences and conclusions; but it is a passion of the soul, which may, like thought, be born in an instant, especially in the presence of beauty and accomplishments such as you possess.”

You can see why you’d want them back!

Hand written letters from Victorian days

Letter writing in the Victorian era

The role of the love letter was very important during the first half of the twentieth century, particularly in times of war. Love letters were one of the only ways for soldiers and their wives and families to keep in contact during the First World War. They were also a great source of courage for the soldiers fighting on the battlefields and the women who took up important work for the war effort back home. You can read some amazing and very moving love letters from World War I here.

Writing a Valentine's Day card

Valentine’s day card writing

So now it’s time to write your own! Here are some tips to think about when penning your Valentine’s Day love letter:

Choose your paper

Many Valentine’s notes, cards and letters are written on pink paper. You may even want to go for something more decorated like a Victorian floral design – or even spray the paper with your perfume or cologne! These days craft and handmade papers can be bought easily online and really give a personal touch.

Consider your writing style

There are many styles in which you can write a love letter – a poem, prose or a long reminiscence about good times …

Learn form the master of sonnets, William Shakespeare, to find inspiration for your own romantic poetry.

Don’t rush it

Write a draft copy for your eyes only to practice handwriting, layout and to check spelling. Use one of our Z-Grip Smooth ballpoints for extra pen control and neat writing.

Z-grip smooth ballpoint pens

Z-grip smooth ballpoints

Address to impress

Take a leaf out of the Victorians’ book and take care of how you fold your letter and put it in its envelope. A neat letter shows the sender has taken great care over it.

Keep it personal

If you’re suffering temporary writer’s block, try to avoid cheesy lines and keep it personal to the recipient. Keeping a love letter personal makes it very sincere and extra special.

Be yourself

Just be yourself and say what you want to say. Love letters can either be long or short. Remember, the quality of what you say is often better than quantity. Less is more!

If you’re more of an artist than a bard, express your feelings with a drawing. Use our great range of SARASA fineliners to create a work of art for your valentine.

Sarasa Fineliners multiple colours

Sarasa Fineliners

Take inspiration from the greats

If you’re really stuck for ideas take a look at these masters of the heart who are famous for writing about love:

Oscar Wilde

Zelda Fitzgerald

Ernest Hemmingway

Good luck! Send us pictures of your Valentine’s Day creations and which Zebra Pen you used – we’d love to see them!

What is a Pangram?

Ever wondered why we use the famous sentence ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’?

It is an example of a pangram.  Another example is ‘pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs’.  But what are they and what is their importance?

What is a pangram?

A pangram is the smallest meaningful sentence that can be made using all letters of the alphabet.  Also known as a holoalphabetic, the word is Greek in origin with ‘pan’ meaning ‘every’ and ‘gram’ from ‘gramma’, meaning ‘letter’.

Our language is full of puzzles and games that are useful and interesting for handwriting, displaying fonts and expressing wit. Pangramists pore over the alphabet to discover other smart, informative and funny examples. However, it is nearly impossible to make a pangram in English without using a letter more than once. In our example sentence, letters like e, u, h and o have been used a few times.

A way around the problem of producing a sentence where all 26 characters are present once is to use abbreviations like ‘Mr’ or ‘Dr’.  This is not really cheating, and definitely makes the task easier! When a sentence contains all 26 letters just once, it is also known as a perfect pangram.

Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx.

Why do we use the pangram?

Pangrams have uses that have been around since the introduction of typesetting and print. Printers and designers who create fonts (like Arial, Comic Sans and Times New Roman) need a way of displaying all the letters in their new font to give people a good idea of what it looks like in block of text.

You could, of course, just arrange the letters in alphabetical order (many printers and designers do this), but it is also good to arrange it in a pangram so everyone can see what it really looks like in a sentence and how the letters kern together in different combinations.

The pangram is also used in handwriting and in calligraphy practice. It helps you practice joining different combinations of letters together, which is helpful in mastering the art of calligraphy.  Why not practice your handwriting and calligraphy using one of our Cadoozle retractable pencils:

  • How razorback jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts.
  • Waltz, nymph, for quick jigs vex bud.
  • Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag.

It is advisable to use a pencil when you are starting calligraphy to erase mistakes and learn the pressure involved in calligraphy strokes. Have a look at our range of mechanical pencils for learners and the more practiced writers, such as these fun Cadoozles with large erasers, retractable leads and 2 spares.

Cadoozles pack of pencils

The more experienced writers and calligraphers looking to refine their technique may want to use a liquid ink fountain pen and quick drying gel ink. These two types of pen provide fluidity to writing that is perfect for neat letter writing.

Liquid ink fountain pen

Our gel ink pens have a comfortable grip that helps how we hold writing equipment – great for left handed people as well as reducing the risk of cramp.


Gel ink pen

Take a look at our online collection of pens to see which one you can use for your handwriting practice.

Another widely used pangram is ‘Lorem Ipsum’ – seen frequently in design and journalism as ‘placeholder text’. Lorem Ipsum is comprised of the pangram in lots of different Latin words, so it’s unlikely you’ll find the same one twice. After some research by academic scholars, it was discovered that the text of Lorem Ipsum comes from a piece of text dating from around 45BC!

Other languages are also able to use the pangram that includes the different characters like the umlaut vowels like ä, ö, ü, like this German version:

Zwölf große Boxkämpfer jagen Viktor quer über den Sylter Deich.

(twelve boxers chase Viktor across the great dam of Sylt).

The concept works slightly differently for logographic scripts like Japanese and Chinese. However, using Welsh language we can create a Welsh anagram pangram (remember using each letter once):

Cwm fjord-bank glyphs vext quiz

(symbolic drawings on the narrow opening of the sea valley walls annoyed the eccentric person)

People also like to use the pangram as a literary tool and often try to make their sentences thought provoking or funny. For people who really love the pangram there is a website called Daily Pangram that has an archive of one pangram a day. Take a look and use this for inspiration if you fancy creating your own. Some of our favourites are:

  • How quickly daft jumping zebras vex
  • Strangely, aerobic exercise doesn’t quite work with improvised free jazz.
  • Quiz: who sang “Jump”? a) Dexy’s Midnight Runners b) Van Halen c) Kraftwerk?

Have a go at creating your own pangram in your best handwriting with one of our Zebra Pens and we are really keen to see what you come up with! Just be careful not to create a lipogram (a sentence missing one or more letters of the alphabet).

Don’t forget

Zebra are one of the leading UK pen distributors. Contact us for more information about our products.

Packs of Colour Pens for Father Christmas’s Stockings

It’s nearly Christmas and we’re all so excited at Zebra Pen. We all know of those early birds in the family who like to wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas day. Do you need some exciting stocking fillers prepared for Christmas morning whilst everyone else wakes up? Here are some great stocking gift ideas:

Sarasa porous fineliner pens

SARASA Porous fineliners

Our SARASA Porous fineliners come in eight vibrant colours in water resistant ink. These pens are perfect for colouring books – child and grown up versions alike! With 0.8mm point size tips, they’re also perfect for sketching, doodling and writing.

z grip mini ballpoint pens

Z-Mini Grips

Our Z-Mini Grips are also great for doodles and writing in multi-colour. They’re a very compact 11.5cm in length and perfect for fitting into the smallest stockings and pencil cases. Having different coloured writing pens is also very useful for older children revising for exams.

Z-Grip animal brights pens

Z-Grip Animal Brights

Why not funk up writing even more with fun animal print ballpoints from our Animal Brights range? Animal Brights come in three different colours: bright purple, bright blue and bright pink. Go wild and write all your Christmas gift thank you letters in funky colours!

Z-Grip Floral

Z-Grip Floral

Grab a bunch of our Z-Grip Florals to brighten up your stocking! These flower design ballpoints are a great gift to cheer up everyone’s stationary and come in pink, purple and black.

Christmas Gifts for Teacher

Find the perfect gift for teachers this year. Thank your teacher for everything they do for you at the end of term with a gift they will use every day – pens of course!

Our great range of pens are perfect for teachers who are marking, writing, and demonstrating. Choose from our colourful ballpoints to our whiteboard markers on our website. Here are just a few ideas:

fuente fountain pen

There’s no better pen for neat writing than a fountain pen. Our Fuente range are disposable fountain pens with non-scratch steel nibs. Available in blue and black ink, these pens can write an average of 1300 metres before running out! They also look great for signatures – and teachers have to sign a lot of things!


Learning should never be dull. Give your teacher the opportunity to make things fun with our Sarasa Porous fineliner pens. These are ideal for colouring and drawing with eight vibrant colours. Sarasa Porous Pens are also water resistant with acid free ink – perfect for arts and crafts.

z-grip mini pens

For teachers who mark homework on the move, maybe on a train or in a café, our Z-Grip Mini ballpoints are perfect for carrying about in the smallest of pencil cases. The Z-Grip Minis also come with a comfort grip, making it much easier for professionals who write for long periods of time.

Take a look at our collections to see what great gifts you can get for teacher this Christmas!

Mark The Occasion

An organised Christmas means more time spent with friends, family and enjoying the season. Here’s one of the ways that stationary can help you find order amongst the festive chaos – marker pens!

McKie marker pen

McKie Bold

Multi-task your mark-making with our bold double-ended permanent marker pen. This everyday Christmas essential comes with a felt chisel tip and a 2mm nib at the other end. The two different ends allow for bold marks and precision all from one pen – perfect when there are so many things to do!

Paint Marker

No Christmas stationary is complete without a gold or silver marker pen. Finish gift tags with a flourish and make writing on wrapping paper easy! Our Paint Markers work on most surfaces from glass to wood – even masonry. These are perfect for adults and children alike to use for Christmas crafts to make decorations extra special.


Our Z-WM whiteboard markers are also a fantastic way of keeping the children entertained and to-do lists organised.

There are many popular designs and products for converting a wall into a whiteboard, which is used by a lot of parents to keep their children entertained. It also ensures that any doodlers tempted to draw on the walls will have a dedicated space to do so.

Got lots to do? Why not write out your task list onto a whiteboard and colour code it!

Take a look at our collections online to see the great stationary we have on sale to help you through the Christmas period.

A Diary’s Best Friend

expandz diary pens

It’s nearly Christmas and soon to be the New Year! Get something special for those friends who are so organised they’re already planning well ahead into 2017.

Our Expandz ballpoint pen range is perfect for slotting alongside a diary or notebook and can fit into the smallest of bags. Expandz pens are available in a range of colours and are refillable in black ink.

If you’re buying this as a present for someone this Christmas, you can order the pen to come in a gift box!

expandz mini in mint green

We also have an even smaller range, the Expandz Mini! These thinner model ballpoints are available in a selection of colours with two new shades, mint green and navy blue.
Our Expandz Mini diary pens will make the perfect gift for Christmas.

You may prefer something with a little more grip but still fits in a small bag like our Z-Grip Mini pens and our Telescopic Stylus pen.


The Z-Grip Mini Classic Ballpoint

Telescopic stylus ballpoint pen

Telescopic stylus ballpoint pen

Why not have a look at all our pen ranges and see our other great gift options?

A Thoroughly Modern Christmas

We all love timeless classics – especially when we can use them with new technology. Although we’re living in a technical age, we still love our pens! There’s something about writing things down or drawing that just can’t be replaced.

Our Telescopic Stylus pen is a great way to combine two tools into one, combining classic with modern. These ballpoint pens have a smartphone and tablet stylus at the top, making them perfect for the constant writer and crossworder who also can’t be seen without their phone.

For the more artistic-minded, a pen with a stylus is another great new tool to add to their repertoire and makes a fab stocking filler. There are so many drawing apps for smartphones and tablets that they can enjoy getting creative with!

The Telescopic Stylus ballpoints are compact with an expanding barrel so they are easy to fit into the smallest of handbags, diaries or even pockets. They also come in a great range of colours and nib point sizes.

Take a look for yourself at our Telescopic Stylus range!

Posh Pens to Impress


We all like to dress to impress our friends and colleagues – and this shouldn’t stop at our clothes. Whatever your trade, looking the part of the professional is so important in making good impressions.

Why not buy someone who is ever the professional an impressive pen for all things business this Christmas? Our stylish Metals Collection offers a range of stainless steel pens and mechanical pencils to impress all.


Our stainless steel collection pens all come in both black and blue ink with a comfortable finger grip. Making those all-important first impressions can now be done with a pen or pencil that looks posh and is also easy to use.

We’ve  got all types of stylish professionals covered from desk workers to industry leaders.


The F-xMD metal ballpoint pen has been developed specifically for industrial environments. All the components of this pen are x-ray detectable, ideal for the food industry as is it visible if it falls into any awkward places! This retractable model with diamond cut finger grip is perfect for any businessperson who needs something swish that’s a little more durable.

Making a List, Changing it Twice

christmas list

Deciding what you want for Christmas can be tricky – so many decisions! Luckily Zebra Pen can help you to draft that perfect Christmas list.

Introducing our range of mechanical pencils! From the office to the classroom, we design pencils suitable for people of all ages (because let’s face it – you’re never too old to write a Christmas list!)


1. Cadoozles

Our Cadoozles range of mechanical pencils is a long-lasting model made for beginner writers. They are retractable and have funky barrel designs, ideal for kids and first time Crimbo list writers and  just in case there is a little indecisiveness, there is a built in eraser!


2. DelGuard

For smooth Christmas operators, there is the fantastic NEW DelGuard Mechanical Pencil. Let ideas effortlessly flow with our special design that resists lead breakages, the spring mechanism in the Delguard  is a unique lead protection system that will withstand pressure for up to three clicks!



3. Z-Grip

Rushing to write that shopping list but stuck at work, you might even want to make it look like you’re taking notes in a meeting with our office friendly Z-Grip design. After all, Father Christmas does work to a deadline …

Rapid Christmas Card Writing

christmas cards

So many cards to write, so little time! Every year we all want to wish all our friends a merry Christmas with a cheerful, festive card. But how do you solve the problem of having so many cards to write without smudging the ink?

Drum roll …

Our SARASA smear-proof pen range makes your writing neat and smudge-free. These excellent additions to your Christmas stationery collection are retractable and come in a variety of ink colours.


Our evolutionary rapid dry ink (RDI) technology takes ink less than a second to dry on most surfaces, making it the ideal pen for all those Christmas cards and letters.

Rapid dry ink is also a left-hander’s best friend, especially for writing at speed.

If you’re looking to get more creative with your Christmas greetings, the SARASA range is for you. These are perfect for adding some vibrant personalised designs to your cards.

Take a look at our SARASA range and see for yourself!

Should We Be Teaching Children Handwriting?

Back to school stationery

Is there still a case to be made for teaching children to write by hand? Or should we accept that in the future all text will be computer-generated and skills such as letter-writing will fall by the wayside?

Studies suggest that handwriting is considered a thing of past. A third of respondents in one survey said they had not written anything “properly” in the last six months. Another recent study found that one in ten UK kids do not even own a pen and a third have never handwritten a letter.

Despite these findings, UK schools are still teaching cursive handwriting skills. Many schools have policies which outline the stages that children should be reaching each year – from initial letter formation through to joined-up writing. Key Stage 1 books on handwriting are on the Amazon bestseller list.

But there is huge pressure in our increasingly packed school curriculum. Where does this leave the ancient – and let’s face it, slower – skill of writing by hand?

In many schools, examples of good handwriting are widely celebrated – shown to other students and rewarded with special certificates. At the same time, teens say that they would like to receive a handwritten letter as it indicates that the sender has put more effort and attention into it. Indeed, there is a huge incentive for schools to ensure that all pupils are fully able to write by hand, as it forms a part of the OFSTED assessment – with the intention that every child must master fluent and legible handwriting before they leave primary school.

It’s been shown that the finger movements involved in writing activate larger parts of the brain than simply selecting a key on the keyboard. Not only that but writing by hand improves spelling, helps us to learn new languages, and ultimately is a far more personal expression of who we are than bashing out text on a keyboard.

Kevin Hogston, headmaster of Collis Primary School in London, is the author of a book on the benefits of slower activities amongst children, including meditation and mindfulness. He believes that children should be encouraged to write by hand to help develop a sense of calm thoughtfulness that can be lacking in today’s fast-paced world. He says:

Handwriting is an essential educational skill that should be taught to all pupils – it’s also a fundamental life skill and especially important in developing younger children’s fine motor skills (particularly boys).

The creative process of writing requires many different processes including grammar knowledge, thinking “-what I’m writing now” / “what I’m going to write next”, composition and of course the physical act of writing.

So the process of handwriting promotes clear thought and a natural structure for thinking. Being so close to the page means that translation of thought has less opportunity for deviation – a common problem when using screen based computer technology. That’s why I believe handwriting writing should be taught to children.

Famous authors such as JK Rowling agree that the pen, paper and mind method of writing is more creative. She drafted all her books this way, having spent the majority of her “writing” time simply thinking about the characters, world and plot.

Normally I do a first draft using pen and paper, and then do my first edit when I type it onto my computer. For some reason, I much prefer writing with a black pen than a blue one, and in a perfect world I’d always use “narrow feint” writing paper.” JK Rowling.

Even Apple’s most famous boss Steve Jobs said that his calligraphy course at college was one reason why the Apple Mac had many fonts included with it.

writing-1-1312021The UK is not alone in teaching handwriting in schools, but other countries do not necessarily share our policy. Finland dropped cursive handwriting from schools in 2015, in favour of keyboard skills.

In 2013, the Los Angeles Times editorial said “States and schools shouldn’t cling to cursive based on the romantic idea that it’s a tradition, an art form or a basic skill whose disappearance would be a cultural tragedy. Of course, everyone needs to be able to write without computers, but longhand printing generally works fine […] Print is clearer and easier to read than script. For many, it’s easier to write and just about as fast.”

We don’t force people to write by hand. Following the passing of the Equality Act in 2010, employers must make reasonable adjustments for staff with conditions which may affect handwriting, such as dyslexia.

At Zebra Pen our mission is to create great handwriting instruments for all purposes. We firmly believe in the power of handwriting as a form of expression, whether it be for writing or drawing. All our instruments are crafted to minimise the effort of writing by hand and maximise the enjoyment. Plus, we have created our fun and funky ranges for kids. Creativity is at the heart of what we do, and that’s why we believe that handwriting has a place in our school curriculum today.

Zebra’s Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink Wins Best Everyday Writing Instrument

Sarasa Pen WinnerZebra Pen UK Ltd is part of a global leading writing instrument company that has been in the UK for over 20 years. Along with their top selling Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pen, it is exciting to announce the re-launch of the Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink retractable gel pen. Last week at the National Stationery Show in London it was named the Best New Everyday Writing Instrument of 2014. Entries for the 2014 stationery show awards, which celebrate the best new products at the London Stationery Show, were judged by a panel of experienced stationery buyers from leading retailers.

Zebra has designed the new Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink keeping key qualities of the Sarasa present. The ink has been upgraded focusing on left handers who prefer to write on paper and not on their hands. Behind the Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink is the technology of Zebra Pen that ensures that the ink dries in less than a second on most writing surfaces. The Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink comes in both 0.5 and 0.7mm points which delivers a flowing yet scratch free writing experience. The Sarasa barrel is clear so that it enables you to see the ink level, it also features a pocket clip and a ridged rubber grip providing comfort and balance while using. The Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink is available in 3 rich, vibrant colours, black, blue and red, retailing at £2.24 each.

Zebra Pen is a worldwide leader in design and development of quality writing instruments. As an everyday writing instrument brand they are dedicated to ensure that each of their products give the ultimate writing experience for everyone from school, work and even at home. They strive to develop user-friendly, quality writing products at an affordable price.

Zebra Pen (UK) Ltd products are available in all major supermarkets and stationery stores. The Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink can be found in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spicer’s, Office 2 Office and Ryman’s.

Sarasa is a WINNER!

Sarasa Best Everyday Writing InstrumentOur Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink wins BEST EVERYDAY WRITING INSTRUMENT at the National Stationery Awards 2014!

Entries for the 2014 Stationery Show Awards, which celebrate the best new products at the London Stationery Show, were judged by a panel of experienced stationery buyers from leading retailers.

Judges at the show were impressed by Sarasa Rapid Dry Inks quick dry time, and the overall quality of the pen and ink.

Spot the Taxi Competition

The National Stationery Week Taxis have hit the streets,

9 taxis will be on the loose in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow for the next month.

We have decided to play Spot the Taxi, if you see one of the fab NSW taxis take a photo and Tweet or Facebook us we will send you Zebra Goodies.

You can even email it if you are not on Facebook or Twitter.


Zebra Sponsors National Stationery Week 2014

Zebra Sponsors National Stationery Week 2014

All of us at Zebra are very excited and proud to announce we are now one of the official sponsors of National Stationery Week 2014

There will be many exciting things going on in the lead up to and during National Stationery Week, keep up to date with events and competitions buy checking out the website, liking the Face book page and following the tweets

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Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2013

Ideal Home Show

We will be exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas this year. Come and say hello, we’ll be on stand IJ131.

We will be exhibiting our most popular gift products which you will be able to purchase at special prices exclusive to the event. Click the logo for more information.

Ideal Home Show at Christmas at Earls Court runs from Wednesday 13th – Sunday 17th November 2013. Open daily from 10am-6pm with Thursday until 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

National Stationery Week 2013

National Stationery Week 2013

Are you a stationery addict?

Is your bag always overflowing always overflowing with pens and pencils? Is your desk cluttered with highlighters and markers? Are you addicted to everything stationery?

Well come and join us in celebrating National Stationery Week which starts for a week on Monday 22nd April. National Stationery Week is when fashion meets function, which means Zebra are going potty for all things animal and floral print. Check out our Z-Grip Funky and Z-Grip Daisies retractable ballpoint pens. These Z-Grips feature the very recognisable soft rubber grip which reduces gripping pressure giving added comfort and an effortless writing experience. Both feature fun and fab barrel designs and Daisies comes in 5 vibrant coloured inks.

Go to our Facebook page or click here to grab your FREE bundle of Z-Grip Daisies!!